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Introduction to 3PL

Your eCommerce Logistics activities can be outsourced to a 3PL (Third Party Logistics).  3PL services started mainly to provide storage for inventory for eCommerce businesses. Now a 3PL can provide a wide range of services from storage to manage shipments and order fulfilments making it easier to grow and expand an entity.

Yellow prep will help you in Warehousing, Amazon FBA(UK) inventory preparation and order fulfilments and more…

Value to your business!

Why Outsource your ecommerce logistics?

Yellow prep will provide you a seamless and easy to process service throughout the year to fulfill your eCommerce needs, especially during the last busy quarter of the year.  You can concentrate on growing your business while we take care of the fulfilments and UK Prep Services.

Yellow Prep 3PL is an easy solution for expanding your eCommerce business in UK as compared to managing own warehouse, financial outlays, hiring more staff and all the hassle.

The main role of a 3PL in your eCommerce business is that you get to keep your focus on most important things, things that grow your business, while 3PL service like Yellow Prep takes care of your Inventory Processing and Order Fulfilments.

Why Choose us?

Free 2 Months storage and goods receiving

We are offering two months free storage. Receiving goods is also free so you can ship your products directly from your distributor, supplier, manufacturer or some other warehouse. Our agent will receive and count inventory for FREE.

*Terms and conditions apply for receiving Pallets. Please contact for details.

Pick and Pack

A quick, reliable pick and pack service, with detailed shipments tracking from start to finish. Let us help you with our pick and pack services, streamlining your order fulfilments to grow your eCommerce business.

Yellow Prep’s services will help you in:

  • Saving time and reducing costs
  • Managing inventory from small individual items to Large Pallets
  • A scalable service

Amazon Fba preparation

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is well-known in eCommerce Business, and it has many benefits but a few drawback also. Amazon had 2.4 billion visitors in May 2022, according to Statista. Amazon is the most Popular eCommerce Marketplace among all. 68% of Amazon Merchants relied on FBA in the last two years from 2020 to 2022.  FBA is such a mega project by Amazon. FBA fees can be a little dragging for an eCommerce business but in the long run it has some benefits. It frees you from managing individual orders as well as managing stocks daily. You can send bulk inventory to Amazon Warehouse on weekly or monthly basis or as it complies with your strategy. 

Yellow Prep takes care your inventory preparation for FBA (UK), from receiving your inventory, processing, labeling and dropping off to shipping company’s office you chose. You can utilize this time in making new strategies to grow your eCommerce Business.

Stock Preparation and rebranding

Rebranding includes re-packing, re-boxing or re-labelling your inventory. Our fulfilment team will help you in:

  •  Update packaging for seasonal and special offers
  • Replace damaged packaging (For example in case of returned goods)
  • Update labels as needed
  • Custom Packaging Options are also available

Returns Management

You maybe stressed by managing eCommerce returns, and it can be so difficult if you don’t have a warehouse system or a 3PL service like Yellow Prep. Managing Returns in-house by yourself can take a lot of time, resources and space. We are here to manage your Returns.
  1. Unwanted goods are sent back to our facility by your customers
  2. We inspect the items based on your Returns Criteria
  3. Update you on the same day so you can process refunds promptly and make your customers happy.
  4. We restock your inventory in our warehouse.
What's the deal?

Best prices in the market

Our UK Prep Service and Order Fulfilment prices are the best in the market, lower by a quite margin.  We make 3PL services possible for all eCommerce Businesses from Small Startups to Big Enterprise Businesses. We are providing lower prices as compared to market leaders and are very proud to highlight this. 

We have No Hidden Costs or Fees.

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